Saturday, February 9, 2008

The War at Home, aka Brett Gets Sassy

Remember those Trampdance! flyers that I made a while back? Ya know, those cute little flyers, that I thought were funny because I was making advertisements that didn't actually advertise anything, that I thought were funny because I was just using my friends images to promote the abstract concept of "Trampdance!"? The flyers that had an e-mail address, phone number and hours that meant nothing but to make it seem like an actual advertisement? The flyers that weren't actually posted about town but only in my online picture albums to display my ingenious artwork?

Our most popular Trampdance! flyer

Well it seems one, all, or some combination of our new readers† (if not, a different former neighbor, which would surprise me very much), readers so dedicated to this blog that they went so far back as my first entry about bed-sharing and found the corresponding article in the Independent Weekly, readers intrigued enough by this blog to meticulously search through my flickr albums, and readers dedicated enough to this blog to scour the Internet and miraculously find this YouTube video of us friends hanging out as evidence that I was, and I quote, "running an informal nightclub called Trampdance."†† This evidence was then handed over to the respective authorities (the landlords), along with frequent noise complaints, to illustrate that a secret hotspot of Carrboro's happening nightlife scene has been running right under the landlords' noses, out of 108 Sue Ann Court, Apartment B.

I've even been told the flyers are making my former neighbors feel threatened and need to be taken down ... huh. Though I guess this is coming from people who think that parking in an actual parking spot that happens to be eight feet outside their window constitutes something that is threatening. I guess some people are just threatened easier than others. It's not like I pelted them with bagels or anything.

Wow. Now I really wish I had been running an illicit speakeasy out of my tiny apartment. I would be quite impressed with myself. Now I've got an idea for my new apartment! Anyone see the hot new pics of my new place in Philly on Facebook? Totally could be turned into a speakeasy. Just some hidden liquor cabinet and a secret password and viola! Speakeasy city! Er, speakeasy apartment ... !

So what do you think? Are the flyers threatening? Should they be taken down off my blog, Facebook and flickr accounts? Are they promoting the secret nightclub at 108 Sue Ann Court, Apartment B well enough?, because we really need to get more patrons if we're going to get out of the red soon.

Feedback appreciated!

†Again, hi Emily McKendry-Smith, Anne K. Hunter and Kayo Suzuki!!

††These words were relayed by a third party and in no way indicate that they were verbatim what our new readers have said.

DISCLAIMER: No parts of this blog entry are meant to be a threat of any kind, physical, mental, emotional or otherwise, to any other party. Any interpretations otherwise will be regarded as daft, persecution complex-y, and totally, totally lame.

(Yeah, I don't know why the font size and styles change on their own all the time. I blame Blogger).

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