Saturday, February 9, 2008

Brimming with Sassback

Man I am so full of sass, and I have many targets at which to sass all over.

There are those involved in a lease debacle, yes, debacle, which has resulted in me being on two leases for the time being.

There is parking in Center City, which doesn't actually exist for less than $45 an hour.

There is my constant craving to buy things at IKEA and American Apparel. Both evil, evil places!

Sass sass sassy sassback. Aunt Sassy-back.

That word doesn't mean anything to me anymore.

Still, thank, thank god I'm in Philadelphia. This place is much more mentally salubrious for me. Carrboro had the stench of death all over it. It was like being quarantined amongst the reanimated corpses of your dead loved ones.

But yay Philly!! <333

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