Monday, February 25, 2008

CouchSurfing AND Penguins?

Did you know you can CouchSurfing actually has couches in Antarctica? Nearly 30!

What are these people's jobs? Firefighters (Two? In Antarctica?), janitors, a pilot: the whole gamut! Why are we not taking advantage of this? Other than because I'm completely terrified of Antarctica. And especially Mount Terror in Antarctica.


Walter Heck said...

One of the reasons we are not taking advantage of this is that there are only two ways to get to Antarctica: one is to work there, but it's quite hard to find a job. And if you do find a job, accomodation is included (kind of obvious :) ).
The other way to get there is to pay for a ridiculously expensive cruise (2000USD minimum) and in that case you have a boat to sleep on.
That doesn't dismiss the fact that it would be pretty cool to surf a couch on Antarctica :)

Brett A. Bumgarner said...

Wow, it really is expensive to travel there ... not like Costa Rica.