Saturday, February 16, 2008

Not Quite Freegan

M goal is to spend no money on food between now and March 16th. Midnight! So technically March 17th. St. Patrick's Day!

I fear that unless I make this a "Oh no Brett, not again ... " project, I won't actually go through with it. But I will now, oh I will now. I'm doing things! I'm getting things done! I road a bike to FedEx yesterday and then swam for about an hour. And I can't ride a bike or swim! This Brett gets things done.

I just spent $40 on groceries at Whole Foods. Ya know, trying get to some staples that Lorenzo pointed out I might need. Granola, potatoes, canned tomatoes, onions, yogurt, mushrooms, fresh Thai basil (but it's yummy ... ), pasta, rice, more pasta, blueberries and balsamic vinegar.

Now it's skating time! Skating on staples! Then the ol' Mooch & Dive.

To reiterate: I'm not spending any money on food between now and St. Patrick's Day. ... Hopefully.


Leilani! said...

is your $40 worth of groceries really going to last you a month? namely, the blueberries and fresh thai basil ...

Brett A. Bumgarner said...

nahhh, that's what the dumpster diving is for. the groceries are just for now until i get a chance to go diving.