Monday, February 25, 2008

Fuck Larry David.

Curb Your Enthusiasm sucks.

Okay it has some funny bits, but god, it really sucks. I could write for this show in my sleep. Check it:
Larry: I am speaking too casually!

Minority, "the help," or, ideally, both: I am offended! Irrationally so!

Larry: But what?! I didn't mean it like that!

Minority hep: I don't care! Boy am I angry, even though there's no need for me to be so angry! Curse you, Larry David!

Cheryl: Oh Larry ... ::sigh::

See? Who needs Larry David?

I kind of want to find someone who will let me subject them to 20 episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm in one sitting. Then release them into the world. And observe. I'm sure we'd see some pretty interesting effects. The same would happen with The Comeback, Lost or any number of shows. It's like when I watched all that My So-Called Life and everything seemed so painful and poignant for a week.

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