Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Missed Connections

Everyone knows about Missed Connections on craigslist, right? It's that place everyone likes to go and say, "Aw, these poor, pathetic people. How sad humanity can be."

Right! That place!

Well I was with a semi-friend, hanging out with him and about five of my semi-friend's friends, and Missed Connections came up.

"Oh, I saw myself on Missed Connections again."

"Yeah, I saw that, too. I'm on there at least twice this week?"

"Really? God, you're always on there."

"I haven't seen Michael on there in a while."

"Strange, Michael's alwas on it."

I just sat in silent awe. These people are finding themselves on Missed Connections? I've never found a missed connection about me. Do I just not check it regularly?

Well I started to. Nope, no missed connections about me. Yet these guys are apparently missing connections all over the greater Philadelphia area.

My goal: have someone miss my connection!

How do I achieve this? Wink at strangers? Stand around mysteriously and seductively in oft frequented places? I do now know. But I'm going to get one, damnit! I'll even race someone for a missed connection.

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