Monday, February 25, 2008

So I'm Not a Total Snob

The original isn't always better!

I recently got into NBC's The Office. "Oh, it'll just pale in comparison to the BBC's version. I don't want to even waste my time on that drivel."

But no! It's good! It's a very different show, and it's a good one! I mean check out this bit of dialogue:

Angela: I heard a joke today.
Dwight: Haha, that's funny.
Angela: Yes. It was.

Come on, that's awesome.

Also I like Pam as much as Dawn! Jim as much as Tim! Even Dwight's a good! He doesn't have to be a poor-man's Gareth, he's his own man.

And and and they have many more episodes than the BBC one so they have more back characters developed, and we all know how much I love ensembles!

I <3 Phyllis.

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Nureena said...

i told you it was good!