Monday, February 25, 2008

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

Or at least it's sharper. Then again, I haven't really stabbed anyone with a sword, so maybe it isn't really sharper.

Okay people, this blog is playful. It is not meant to be mean-spirited. It is playful.

I know my comedy can be edgy. I'm a Richard Pryor of sorts, an Andrew Dice Clay, a Sinead O'Connor. All great comedians, all really edgy. Pushing envelopes, riding precipices.

It seems that in addition to my speakeasy flyers being discovered (speaking of which, Big Daddy Kane is performing at Trampdance! this Friday and there's no cover before 11pm), some of my posts have, well, hurt people's feelings.

Trust me. The only actual animus in these posts have been for those who narked on me for running a speakeasy and forced us to go get a liquor permit, which is just a big ol' hassle. And even then it's just so silly it's not even animus, it's ridicule. Playful, good-natured ridicule.

It's all given people great opportunity to lecture me about privacy issues in the information age. I hope my future employers at consulting firms don't decide to not hire me because I ironically enjoy Cathy comics ... but it looks like they may.

But come on, folks. This should really all be taken like a Friars Club Roast, except with occasional humor.

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