Thursday, March 20, 2008

this is for those who place their faith in the gender dichotomy.

Apparently, Some People Don't WANT Superpowers

Weird, huh?

I just got a request from someone that their entry in the superpowers game be removed from the site.†

Why someone would reject perfectly good superpowers is beyond me. It seems mentioning someone's name in this blog has triggered one of those newfangled Privacy Invasion Alarms, yet again.

Does the mention of someone on a blog, along with silly and benign superpowers, require a consultation with that person before publication? I know it doesn't legally, but typically, I wouldn't even give it consideration unless I was saying something defamatory about the person.

So this is the second request that someone's name be removed from the site! I think everyone's doing that "What would my employer find out about me?" Google search.

It feels much better to just let go of controlling one's identity, I think.

†I just abridged their name.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hanging Out in Philly...My Home Town

i had the pleasure of visiting a new restaurant in center city philly called 707. i was there for a snack and a drink, all in the name of my profession. i actually get paid to teach about wines and spirits and how well they go with the foods we eat. it's a special life.

back to 707. well, i found it to be a pretty place, sort of new york loft style decor; very modern. but more importantly, the small amount of staff there in the middle of the day, was organized and friendly. Jennifer served me one of 707's delicious cosmos made with fresh lime juice and raspberry liqueur. It was the most refreshing drink ive had on a steamy day.

i had an adorable serving of french fries served in a little pot, and at Jennifer's suggestion, with 707's awesome oregano mayo.

it's more fun to visit new places at odd times of day, at 2 or 3pm when lunch is over and dinner hasn't started. there's a zen-like silence, you get to know a place intimately and you get to see shifts change. i had a great time with my mixologist Jennifer but she had to move on with her day. she introduced me to Dave, who took over the mixology reigns and i persuaded him to sell me a glass of spanish rose. and it was just what a summertime rose wine should be, nice acid, noticeable fruit and a beautiful deep pink color. this wine delighted my sense of smell, sight and taste buds, and if it could sing, well, it would have been perfect. anyway, it's called zaza made with 100% garnacha grape variety; a more than decent delicious economical wine. it was a mere $6.50 at 707, which is cheap in restaurant language, it's probably about $9-$11 retail.

dave was a sweet young guy, seemed genuinely friendly and i had a lot of fun chatting with him about this blog. he was a bit confused as to why people like me do this sort of thing, write about everything we eat and drink. i couldn't really explain it. it's addictive and also, i think, a bit ego-driven and since i have an addictive personality and a big ego, well blogging about my life, suits me. but i also like to share and when i find things, places, and people i like, i want others to know about it.

today... it is 707 at 707 chestnut st, boasts the biggest martini in town at 7oz, of course. a few doors down from morimotos. Check out their fab website at

go...and enjoy.

don't be afraid to tilt the glass.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

guatemala update #1

i just spent $130 on some rum. but supposedly, it's the #1 award winning rum in the world and straight out of guatemala too! it's called zacapa or zacapo, look it up. good stuff.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Verizon Wireless Knows Me So Well

VZW | tones DELUXE recommends:

"If you like 'Schindler's List - Theme,' you might also like 'Spongebob Squarepants - Theme.'"

So Calvin and Hobbes, huh?

Apparently it's very good! This one made me laugh to the point of tears. Well, the tears were from the ensuing coughing fit, but still, quite a feat.

Shhh ...

Every little pitter patter or whisper in this blog is at risk of provoking ire in others. I'm giving my cyber self a makeover just because of how angry some people are getting. I even had to delete one post, and one paragraph from another post!

A special present for who can tell me what post I deleted, and a VERY special present for who can tell me what paragraph I deleted. Seriously. I challenge you. YOU HAVE BEEN CHALLENGED!

Friday, March 7, 2008

spring break 2008

where i'll be in 26 hours, you should be excited for me.

you can't deny that you love this

my heart just turned into a fuzzy little bunny.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'm Writing a Potboiler

It's a horrifying Frankenstein of Oprah's Book Club favorites and find yourself / enhance your life guides and lady detective club government conspiracy mystery suspense thrillers.

Fuck art, go commerce.