Wednesday, February 20, 2008

ceviche recipe (per request)

this is for mexican-style ceviche.//

2 fillets of tilapia - for me, this constitutes about a little more than half a pound
sea bass and red snapper can also be used but i haven't tried those yet
4-5 limes
salt for taste
a quarter to half a red onion (white could also be used but i prefer the red)
one jalapeno pepper (the long kind)
gloves for cutting the jalapeno
cilantro - the amt can vary depending on how much one likes cilantro, i put excessive amounts

cut the tilapia into quarter inch cubes or smaller, you want them to be tiny so the lime juice can
fully cook the fish
marinate the tilapia over night (i always wait for 24 hours to be on the safe side) in an uncovered
bowl, most recipes suggest a covered glass bowl but i don't see any distinct diff in taste or quality

once the tilapia is "cooked", salt the fish until the lime juice isn't so citrus-y
(note: lemon juice is used often on cooked fish for flavoring purposes to eliminate the "fishy" taste, the same principle applies here but this time you are using salt to make this dish easier to eat, i don't use a lot of salt bc i enjoy acidic foods)
dice the remaining vegetables
be sure to wear gloves when cutting the jalapenos, the oil from the pepper stays on your fingers
forever and i've made the mistake several times of not using gloves; then a hour or two, wiping my eyes for whatever reason -- do not let this happen to you!
arrange dish on tostada and eat like a slice of pizza (my preferred method although the lime juice
tends to run down my forearms) or have some chips to eat dish as if it were a dip

since my last entry, i have made more! i do really enjoy this dish!

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