Monday, December 3, 2007

Well There's No Sense in Denying a Good Drink its Glory

So I seem to have a knack for inventing yummy drinks. This one may be a harder sell, however.

In trying to find a happy medium of caffeine between an iced Americano and and iced tea, I tried an iced tea with a shot of coffee (not espresso). HOW UNORTHODOX!!

The result was actually pleasing. I added a little cream, and I rather like it. It tastes like an iced, subtly herbal tea. And I don't like herbal teas. The coffee desiccates the cloyingness from the typically overwhelming sweet iced Southern tea and replaces it with some earthy, aromatic notes. It's kind of like a chai, but less heavy.

Try one for yourself!

Title in progress.

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Forrest O. said...

if you like this drink (?) you might also like.... + molasses + almond milk