Sunday, December 30, 2007

Brett in the Closet!!

Remember that game? Well it really wasn't a game, was it. It was more of a skit. (More of? It was a skit).

For the ignorant few, Brett in the Closet was a series of skits (well, two skits) written by Kenton deAngeli†. It was a bit of a parody of a sitcom, the Three's Company kind, wherein David Hardee Watkins was a struggling performance artist and Kit Fitzsimmons his wacky next-door neighbor, an accountant always throwing wild accountant parties, coming up with get rich quick schemes, and trying to get laid.

What made Brett in the Closet unique was that when David Hardee Watkins moved into his apartment, it came with an unusual feature: a Brett in the closet. Whenever David Hardee Watkins had the blues or a conundrum he needed to work out, he would seek out Brett's guidance, which was childlike yet sage.

Every episode (ALL TWO!!) ended with David Hardee Watkins going to bed and having late night talks with his Brett in his closet. It was very poignant and touching. The good kind.

Me taking my craft seriously and thus being a character actor (the only true kind of actor. !), I actually lived in David Hardee Watkins' closet. Well, tried to. Not that he wouldn't let me; he was practically JUMPING at the idea of me living in his closet (seriously jumping up and down, giggling, like really happy about the idea – he even lit some sparklers after I suggested it), but his closet was full and we were both so tired from all the jumping we didn't clean it out. Then we kept forgetting to, then whenever we'd talk about it again we'd get all worked up and then the jumping would happen, blah blah, same scenario.

Anyways, this brings me to my point. David Hardee Watkins has since moved out west, to live in some town somewhere that's not here. Manitoba, I think. That's beside the point. I still wanted to live in someone's closet. I still want to live in someone's closet. You know, for kids. I mean kicks. Not kids, kicks. Kids doesn't make sense in that context. It doesn't at all. >:(

Kevin Michael Clair, I know you'd be all about gettin' some Brett up in your closet, but sadly you live in ... Amish country? Somewhere far away and probably cold. Any other takers? Paul?? ::expectant look::

Does anyone even still read this thing?

†Kenton has since moved on to publish his own book, happily marry and move to Manitoba, I think.

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