Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas with the Folks

So slightly personal but anecdote-relevant, I recently had a falling-out with most of my friends (fixed in part now, but there was a good month, extending past Christmas, where there was a dearth of friendship in my life. And I hate that).

So, my parents, with their wisdom that comes with age, mentioned a great new way for me to make friends: financial seminars in Raleigh. You know, learning about investing, 401(k)s, all that ... jazz.

I retorted that I would mostly be meeting middle-aged married couples and thirtysomething businesswomen who are late for their pilates class. They retorted that I was too narrow-minded. Both valid points.

They also had this Christmas party filled with middle-aged men and women I couldn't distinguish from one another, asking me about what I'm going to do now that I've graduated. It was like The Graduate without a hot older woman. I texted several friends that just in the hopes that someone would text me back, "One word: plastics." Thanks, Alicia! <3

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