Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Exploring Chinese Culture through "Survivor"

In the last episode of Survivor: China* one of the challenges was actually this: picking up fireballs with chopsticks and trying to light fireworks with them.

Next week, I hear they're going to lay railroad tracks.

The reward for the challenge was somewhat enlightening: the winning tribe spent a day with a Chinese fisherman and his family. Apparently Chinese fisherman have several trained water fowl that simultaneously catch the fish for them. The birds have rope lightly tied around their necks so they don't swallow the fish. After catching the fish, they then hop back up in the boat, and the fisherman just sticks his hand in the bird's mouth and it spits up the fish. Huh. Clever. And kind of gross.

*Yeah, yeah, I know I said I wouldn't watch it, shut the hell up.


Anonymous said...

So what was the reward? The seemingly most important element of the story is missing.

But that's China for you.

Brett A. Bumgarner said...

goddamn right it is

kevin said...

At what point will the contestants have to make their clothes the most dazzling shade of white? Or explain the live chickens in their camp to the New York City Health Department?

Brett A. Bumgarner said...

oh i was hoping for a laundromat joke

kevin said...

I thought it was a laundromat joke.