Thursday, March 20, 2008

Apparently, Some People Don't WANT Superpowers

Weird, huh?

I just got a request from someone that their entry in the superpowers game be removed from the site.†

Why someone would reject perfectly good superpowers is beyond me. It seems mentioning someone's name in this blog has triggered one of those newfangled Privacy Invasion Alarms, yet again.

Does the mention of someone on a blog, along with silly and benign superpowers, require a consultation with that person before publication? I know it doesn't legally, but typically, I wouldn't even give it consideration unless I was saying something defamatory about the person.

So this is the second request that someone's name be removed from the site! I think everyone's doing that "What would my employer find out about me?" Google search.

It feels much better to just let go of controlling one's identity, I think.

†I just abridged their name.


Forrest O. said...

That's dumb. My strategy is fill up the Google search with enough stuff that I'd actually want people to see to drown out the rest.

Forrest O. said...

On the other hand, you could just say Forrest O. ... that way identity would only be surmisable by context.