Monday, September 17, 2007

Now We Have Dreams!

Chat with Megan Somerday

Sep 17, 12:55 pm

12:55 PM Megan: I just dreamt that I went to this used bookstore that had a room for performances in the back
12:56 PM and Sarah had made a local name for herself singing covers of Nina Simone, so she was performing there that night
and everyone was there
to see her
and for the first performance, she had a guitar, but a surprise guest which was you
and you were playing drums and you did vocals for the first song
12:57 PM and it was "this charming man" by the smiths
and everyone was really excited and i was near kenton and frank and they were dancing a lot
except you couldn't really play drums
so you were clearly just pretending to in time to the song
12:58 PM oh, and jose was really excited about it too
12:59 PM literally everyone was there


Brett A. Bumgarner said...

I really like that people were that excited to watch me drum-sync.

Sarah said...

"literally everyone was there" to see me! sing? hahaha.

kate said...

why are the dreams the most beautiful

AIMEE, duh! said...

MEGAN SOMERDAY! I know, I'm a loser for googling people i used to go to school with but it's aimee from parrott and you need to email me like WHOA!