Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dreamy Babies, I'm dreamin' a dream of you...

Brett: woah i just remembered my dream
after bri's wedding
my parents started planning for my wedding, to hunter simpson
they thought we'd be a perfect couple because we were both captains
but he was a sea captain and i was an army captain
so their reasoning was fallacious
and me and hunter kept getting into captain fights
and we went out on his boat
but i was scared of the ocean
and he said i made a terrible captain
but i said i was a captain of the army
and we bickered some more
then at some point i realized my parents just set this wedding up and never asked me about my feelings toward hunter
and i told all my friends that they did this
and everyone said that was really creepy
and i said, "yeah! it is creepy that i'm marrying some guy I barely know just because we're both captains and that no one even asked me if i wanted to marry him
then i woke up

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