Thursday, August 23, 2007

Survivor: China Cast Announcement

I know, I know, I vowed that I was done with Survivor, and I stand by that, but I couldn't resist getting a peek at the recently released cast announcement. Here's a very brief overview of the cast — see if you can pick up on a few themes:
  1. Aaron: Surf instructor (read: actor)
  2. Amanda: Hiking instructor (read: model — former Ms. Montana)
  3. Ashley: Professional wrestler / (Playboy) model
  4. Chicken: Chicken farmer (salt of the earth, blue collar male)
  5. Courtney: Waitress (read: model)
  6. Dave: (Former) model
  7. Denise: Lunch lady (salt of the earth, blue collar female)
  8. Erik: Model / musician
  9. Frosti: Athlete / student (read: dancer — toured with Madonna)
  10. Jaime: Student (read: actor)
  11. James: Gravedigger (novelty job!)
  12. Jean-Robert: Pro poker player (novelty job!)
  13. Leslie: Christian radio show host (read: former model — Ms. North Carolina)
  14. Peih-Gee: Jeweler (read: dancer — in Madonna music videos)
  15. Sherea: Teacher (with modeling shots)
  16. Todd: (Gay) flight attendant (with modeling shots)
Huh. That's a lot of models, former models, and people who seem to want to model, and then when you throw in the actors and dancers, you get 12 out of 16 who work(ed) as a model/actor/dancer or are attempting to. Then two former Ms. States, and two Asian dancers for Madonna (o_O).

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