Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Noah's (Plant) Ark

Here's a game I got from one Paul Smith.

Pick 19 people (you'll be number 20) and explain to them this scenario:

God has destroyed the world. You and 19 others have been selected to continue life on a new planet, perfectly suitable for life. The only problem is that all the plant life is completely useless to humans. Not a single plant can be tapped for a single human use. Each individual can select five Earth plants to bring with them to the new world (mushrooms count as plants here), and these selections must be made without any communication with the other survivors. Any overlap in plants doesn't bring any extra benefit — you still get the same number of those plants that you would have had only one person selected it, and you don't have the variety of plant life that you potentially could have had.

I suppose you could play with animals, too. I suppose ...

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